Thursday, June 19, 2008

Turkey was playing Greece, and winning. "Mew...mew". Jock stared unblinking, at the human on the couch. He was getting nervous.
"Its 5 minutes to half-time, can it wait, Cat", implored Moondog. He wanted to pee too, but this match was gooood. He could not budge for the moment.
"Meew...meeww...meeewww". Moondog looked at the cat out of the corner of his eye, and was somewhat taken aback. The cat's back was arched up, and its ginger and white fur on the spinal ridge stood on end. Something was wrong, this cat is no ordinary feline, it has six sense. Nothing seemed amiss in the apartment. "I better check on Sheena".
He picked up his cell and speed-dialed Sheena. Damn, he only got through to the answering service. She's with her loon friend, Jings. He dialed her number.

The pianist, surveying the scene around her, could not comprehend the chaos and mayhem.
She knew nothing about first-aid. All she had to offer right now is music. Satisfied with her intention, she launched into her most somber " Funeral March by Chopin" , appropriate for the occasion.

The revived Datin Mina, lulled by the music, murmured, "My hero..". She buried her head in Shigeru's arm, which was becoming quite numb because, he noticed, her head was quite enlarged... "Must be the big hairdo, or perhaps a wig?", he wondered. He was quite happy to leave her be, having done his good deed for the day. "I must remember to re-charge. That elixir of life-breath really wears me down." Now, back to Sheena. As he untangled himself from the hairy heap in his arm, she dug her claws in deeper.
"Please take me home, " Datin Mina pleaded with her hero.

Jings shook her head in disbelief. She was not about to be sidelined again. The Bitch is not walking away with two of her men in one night!
She jolted as her hip vibrated involuntarily. It was her cellphone, tucked in the backpocket of her tight mini. She swiped her phone out and glanced at the caller name on the display. Moondog.

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