Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"It says the tiramisu's highly recommended. Oh, the pavlova as well. Let's have some!", said the excited Sheena.

There was a moment of silence, as the girls took their first bite of the rum-infused tiramisu. Strong and sweet. They looked at each other, let out a climaxing expression and giggled.

While waiting for the pavlova (what’s taking them so long?), Sheena unraveled her vacation plans for the rest of the year. Monaco in August, Sicily in September, Vancouver in October and Christmas in Penang. As she continued on to the details of each destination, Jings, who was rather bored with all these impossible talks, turned to the window for more exciting stories.

It’s amazing that despite the increasingly heavy downpour, young couples were still able to hold hands and stroll along the street, sheltered by nothing but those ridiculously cute umbrellas. Chuckling with every step, mind you. Well, this is afterall, the hip side of town. Sheena’s at cuddling under yellow, maple trees in autumn now.

Lightning struck, not far from the cafĂ©. That jerked the girls abit. A man ran passed the window. Rather hurriedly. But it caught Jings’ attention. An unmistakable silhouette despite the brief encounter. To her, it felt eternal.

A 6 feet tall figure, with physique of a basketball player to boost, his microseconds presence shook Jings to the core. The lingering scent of Mild Seven, the passionate wrestles, the fireworks, the force, the strength, the heat…a coital rush that transcended divinity.


The defining Hiroshi Nakamura. Just how Jings remembered him. Minutes before they nailed the coffin.


HairyBerry said...

technical error...fixed. ;)

fatboybakes said...

GUFFFAWWWWW..........we're in different cuntries!!!

HairyBerry said...

really? how cum?

well, technically, i am in sg now..hehehe...

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

i think he meant the autumn thing...the setting's in malaysia.

HairyBerry said...

oh....what i meant was, sheena's talking about cuddling in autumn (her vacation plan).

the setting's in malaysia...eventhough the guy's japanese..hehe