Sunday, June 15, 2008

As JingJing and Sheena exited the cinema with the Friday nite crowd, reminiscing some of the jokes in the latest Disney animated flick, JingJing chuckled out loud . "Oi, you finally got that last punchline, did you ?", smartmouthed Sheena. "Yeah, I guess". But Jings didnt really care, because she felt the office load magically lifted off her weary shoulders after the movie. "Let's go grab a cuppa, the nite is still young". "Ok, lets do it. Moon-Dog is home watching soccer, so I'm not worried about Jock getting his Purina".
As they scuttled around the alleys of this hip side of town, it started to drizzle. The fancy neon signs beckoned, but they wanted to check out some new joint. Jings, dreamily surveyed the outdoor cafe tables and scanned through the glass shopfronts, on the lookout for nice-lookers that, per chance, they may get to know later.
"Hey, before my top shrinks up to my boobs, can we just go in here where its nice and dry", says Sheena as she drags JingJing towards a nondescript blue portal. On the glass door, they can just make out a sign in folksy scrawl "Whatever-U-Please Cafe".
As they swung open the frontdoor, they heard the pleasant tinkling of piano keys. Over by the left corner, someone was trying to play the tune to Jewel's hitsong. Beside him, a longhaired girl was encouraging the piano player to get it right, by belting out repeatedly, "These hands are small I know...,". The girls were immediately charmed by the homey atmosphere created by the background music-making. There was a sprinkling of patrons on the wooden tables, enjoying their drinks over quiet conversation.
JingJing abandoned all thoughts of a probable man-watch evening. Sheena quit worrying about her top riding up her bellybutton. They settled on a table and in a jiff, a lady with a huge smile ambled over and presented them to menus.


fatboybakes said...

And how does one continue with the story?

fuich said...

make a new post into blog to continue. tell mean and i if you are on, and inform when u r done. then we know where to continue.