Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meanwhile another shrill shriek emanated from the area behind the piano, where the bitch, Datin Meena, had disappeared from their line of sight. "Help, help, she's not breathing", a male voice screamed hoarsely. "Someone, get an ambulance", a plaintive cry that should have mobilised Hiro to do the most sensible thing.

The pianist, like a cross between a dumb blonde and a doe on the highway struck by headlights, was muttering to herself, "my nail, I broke my nail" while blowing on the tip of her fingers the way old cowboys blow the top of their guns after a shoot. Considering the circumstances, the whole place was eerily silent.

Jings couldn't help but wonder if her nemesis was dead, and if so, did she feel a tinge of remorse for having wished it upon her earlier. Could the Law of Attraction be THAT powerful? Well, she wondered who was inviting the calamity that had just befallen them all, in which case. She continued with her efforts to revive Sheena, who started sputtering and choking, and slowly opened her eyes. "Are we dead? Is this heaven"?, she asked. "Honey, if this is heaven, I dread to think what hell's like. Of course we're not dead", Jings replied. Hiro, who was also by her side, in the joint attempts at resuscitation, heaved an audible sigh of relief, and said, "don't worry, I'm here". Despite her condition, Sheena still managed to roll her eyes at his remark, and eye signalled to Jings "what's HE doing here?"

Now that Sheena was conscious, Jings decided to reach out to the other cry for help. She walked over the broken shards of glass, in an unelegant tip toe fashion, towards the piano and beyond. The pianist was sitting on the stool with her face down on the piano keys, sobbing. "Get a grip woman, it's only your friggin nail that broke", Jings wanted to slap her and say. Then she saw the man, to whom presumably belonged the voice, hugging the body of Datin Meena that looked deader than a doornail.

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