Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shigeru couldnt help looking up as the two ladies slammed the door and rattled the Swiss cowbell that hung over the top of the doorframe. He thought they looked cute, the short Chinese lady in her leather miniskirt and cropped white short jacket with the fauxfur; and mid-length boots with some fancy tassels. Aah, memories of Tokyo girls rushed back. But, what piqued his attention was the darker girl, he couldnt make out if she was Indian, or half of whatever. Actually it was her heavily sequin-and-bead top that bedazzled him. His eyes widened (as much as a half-Japanese, half-Chinese's would), as he espied on the floor, a small trail of gold sequins leading to the dark sensuous girl. Aah, she had caught a corner of her top at the door... So she is a little clumsy.
Normally a shy and introverted chap who minds his own business , tonite his fastidious nature took center stage -he felt it his responsibility (and Godsent opportunity) to return the sequins to the rightful owner.
He took one huge gulp of his orange juice for bravado, pulled his left sideburn for goodluck, and gingerly collected the sequins for the LADY.
As he approached their table, the skinny girl at the piaono suddenly hollered out a high note and flicked her long stringy hair ala Sunsilk ad. The LADY flicked her bronzy locks in mimicry, at the same time nudging her elbow right between Shigeru's 7th and 8th ribs. "Oouch! ...", he managed as he spilled the sequins into what's left of their tiramisu.
"Hey, what do you think you are doing !". Sheena gave him her hardest big-eyes glare and it was quite effective, because he grimaced. She swore she could hear a tiny moan escape from his lips.
Grabbing his midriff, Shigeru managed a lame and painful, "Excuse me, but I didnt mean to spoil your dessert. Yes, I do believe that rose there is missing a few petals". He indicated her fancy top apologetically.
"Oooh..", Sheena was lost for words. Jings, unusually quick to the rescue, tried to salvage the moment with a kindly, "That was sweet, thanks, and urrr...", looking at Sheena as she asked the pale man with the funny haircut, " and would you care to join us for a drink?"
She forgot about chasing after the tall stranger, and shifted her manhunt gears , full throttle. He looks like a kitten, ready to be played....

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