Monday, June 23, 2008

news abt n? Too late now.

Jings tried to call Pengyi but the cell was dead. The first of a series of lightnings struck. A shadow erected from below. Perfectly contrasted against the white wall facing Jings. With each spectacular show of lightning, the shadow grew larger, which means it was moving towards Jings.

The shadow took form of a silhouette of a man. She braved herself to turn around. To face what she had gotten herself into. To embrace regrets and be devoured by retribution. She wished Pengyi was not not there.

By equatorial standard, it was impossibly freezing now.

The sound of heavy breaths took the bass while the trebling raindrops hit the nearest spot they could find. It was not Jings. And the foul smell was getting stronger.

The pair of luminous green eyes stared at Jings while she stood there, staring motionlessly.

“No!”, shouted Nakamura from the front door.

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