Tuesday, June 17, 2008

JingJing put on her reading glasses.

“When did you start wearing reading glasses?” asked Sheena.

“Just last week,” sighed JingJing. “I couldn’t put it off any longer. Is this the beginning of the end?”

“Perhaps,” said Sheena. “Soon our boobs will sag, and our bodies will shrink, and men will call us Aunty.” Instinctively, they both glanced at the longhaired girl beside the piano player and felt a tinge of envy at her youth and her lean, kacangpanjang-like body. Their insecurities were unfounded, of course, for at their age, they were still able to attract more than a few admiring glances. Both were athletes in their younger days and avid Latin dance buffs in later years, spending quite a bit of their time at the Salsa Club in their residential neighbourhood. Ignoring the gyrating old men in tight spandex pants whose sole purpose for attending the Tuesday night sessions was to ensure that they met their weekly “touch n’go” quota, the girls found these sessions therapeutic. It was their opportunity to forget about the Moon-Dogs and Jocks in their lives.

“Ready to order?” asked the lady with the huge smile. A gold tooth from the corner of her smile suddenly caught the light and glittered. Jings wondered if gold teeth were still fashionable.

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