Wednesday, June 18, 2008

“Pengyi?” Jings eyes widened. “When did they release you??”

“They didn’t,” the man with the hoarse voice sighed. He had tired eyes that had seen too much. A permanent frown on his face aged him by a further five years.

“Harlow!!! There’s a sorta dead woman here, if you lovebirds have forgotten!” shouted Sheena.

Pengyi dropped the body in his arms. “I think she’s dead.”

“Did someone say dead?” Shigeru appeared. “No one calls me Hiro for nothing. I...have....superhero powers!” Immediately, everyone looked up expecting to hear cymbals clashing. Shigeru lifted Datin Meena, whose body was light as a feather, and immediately pursed his lips onto hers and breathed in the elixir of life. A light mist appeared around them, and Datin Meena’s body radiated like a firefly on heat. As she opened her eyes, she looked at her saviour. “My hero!” she smiled shyly. “No, no....not hero....” Shigeru said, “Hiro....H-I-R-O...Hiro.”

The sounds of a siren interrupted the Hero-like moment. “It’s the police!” gasped Pengyi. “I have to go!”

Jings wailed, “Noooo......don’t leave me again!!”

“I’ll be back,” assured Pengyi, and walked off thru the debris and fire into the darkness of night.

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