Friday, July 18, 2008

The trusted Astro-Zap whirred to a halt. Shigeru emerged from the egg-like device, recharged to face another day. It had been a fruitful night, he had the chance to exercise his prowess in the face of adversity. Hmm, it feels good to act the Hero. For more than a month, he had not expended his superpowers and it was cooking him inside.
Aside from the less than perfect ending with the Big-haired Lady. Shigeru is still mesmerised with Sheena, that honey-hued babe from the cafe last night. Damn, he didnt even get her phone number. Now, how was he supposed to find her. Aah, the trusted Facebook.
Within seconds he had nailed down the right Sheena in the city. Oh, she is an Interior Designer with FutureDesign. Perhaps he can approach her for a kitchen makeover. He ran down Sheena's list of friends out of curiosity, and learned more about her friend, Jings. There was a mystery man listed as H. N. Interesting, in the mayhem of the previous night, he thought he had glimpsed a familiar figure in the crowd. Now, with his mind and body fully in service, he put the pieces together. My god, he was there last night - Hiroshi!
Hiroshi, his long lost cousin who disappeared 15 years ago! His physique was the same, although the face may have been altered with plastic surgery. What is his agenda, he wondered. Shigeru decided not to call in to his superior on this one - heck, H is his flesh and blood, regardless of his "crimes". There are only a handful of us supers in this town, and we got to stand by our own.
He began to work out a plan to get in touch with Hiroshi...

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